Volunteers Needed

Welcome to the beginning of our 2019 Outdoor Season!

In order for our Club to run smoothly we need to lean on our parents to volunteer, currently we are making a call for the following positions:

Age Group Coordinator (U9-U15):
Provide any pertinent information to coaches throughout the season

Sponsorship/Donation Coordinator:
Coordinate and research sponsorship opportunities for the club. Support teams with fund raising initiatives.

Assistant Equipment Manager:
Assists the Equipment Manager to help organize all equipment for each season. This is a big job at the start and the end of each season. More then one volunteer many be required.

Grassroots Wind-Up Coordinator:
Responsible for organizing the U6 Wind Up Party at the end of June.

Field Condition Coordinator:
This person would be responsible for making sure all of the fields are in good shape, lines painted, equipment is there and in working order.

Please advise where you are able to help out, and of course all these positions will qualify you for your volunteer refund of $100.

Wishing you all a fantastic Outdoor season!!

Rosina Slisko
Volunteer Coordinator