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Placement of players on MSB United teams is determined by gender, age, number of players in that specific age group, player report cards from previous seasons (returning players), end of season team evaluations provided by technical team, and new players joining the club.

The team formation process involves the following steps:
  1. Players register with the club for the upcoming season.
  2. Returning players are temporarily placed on their teams from the previous season
  3. New players will be temporarily placed in age appropriate training groups.
  4. Players stay in their training groups until the CMSA preseason team registration deadline. During this time, head coaches and the MSB United Academy Team will review player report cards from the previous season (for returning players), and also evaluate returning and new players in training sessions.
  5. Players are now temporarily placed on their teams for the duration of the CMSA preseason. During this time, players are constantly evaluated by their coaches and Academy Team to ensure their initial placement was accurate.
  6. Last piece of our team formation process is finalizing the rosters for the CMSA regular season. At this stage, players may be moved to a higher/lower tier based on their performance in training sessions and games during the CMSA preseason.
All teams are coached by parent volunteers. While soccer knowledge and playing experience is definitely an asset, it is not necessary to coach.

Our MSB Academy Team will support each coach and provide them with weekly lesson plans and detailed activities to use in practices.
We have many experienced coaches who are willing to help mentor new coaches to make sure all of our teams succeed.

MSB United provides coaching education to all of our coaches. Starting with the Soccer Canada Community Stream Workshops and working up to the Provincial C Licence coaching certificate. To find out more about these coaching programs, visit our COACHING page.

If you are interested in coaching with MSB United, please email our Director of Coaching and we will ensure you are supported every step of the way.
All teams will have 1-2 team practices per week as determined by coaching staff and field availability.
Games are played once or twice a week and are scheduled by CMSA.
MSB United Soccer Club is run mainly by our outstanding volunteers! We need help from our soccer families with a number of activities. When registering, a $100 volunteer fee will be applied to your registration fee.

You will be asked to select your preferred volunteer position from a list of available positions and we will do our best to accommodate your request. (Check out our Volunteer Page for descriptions.) At the end of the season you may be refunded the $100 fee for completing approved volunteer hours.

If you would prefer to pay the $100 and do not wish to volunteer, simply select "OPT OUT OF VOLUNTEERING."

**Please note that volunteering during your child's game or practice for regular activities such as linesman, field marshall, bench parent, scorekeeping or team equipment manager, does not qualify you for a volunteer refund. This is a regular part of participating on a soccer team.
Registration Cost: $330
Volunteer fee: $100
Total fee due at time of registration: $430
Academy Sessions are optional for all players in U19.
REFUND POLICY (CMSA U7 to U19): Once you have registered with MSB United Soccer Club, you may withdraw your application for a full refund minus a $100.00 administration fee per player until three weeks prior to final CMSA roster submission.
U7 TO U9 - APRIL 16, 2021
U10 TO U19 - APRIL 26, 2021
Any requests made after this date will not receive a refund. Exceptions will be made for season-ending injuries and will be prorated.

MSB United registration is completed through a team management platform called Teamsnap. When registering you will be asked to choose a payment method.

We accept the following payment methods:
  • Credit Card (plus a ~3% surcharge for processing). Credit Card payments may be made in full or split into periodic instalments.

  • E-transfer sent directly to treasurer@msbunited.com with the player name in the memo field.

  • Cheques mailed immediately after registration to:
    MSB United Soccer Club
    Box 433
    300 - 8120 Beddington Blvd NW
    Calgary, AB T3K 2A8

  • Kidsport or Jumpstart applications. (Please notify the treasurer if you are making applications for funding and then forward your acceptance email to the treasurer once you receive notifications from those organizations.)

    MSB United Soccer Club believes that every child should have the opportunity to play.

    Do you need help with funding for your child's registration fees? Both Kidsport and Jumpstart are here to help keep kids in the game.  They do not apply the funding to technical training fees, but MSB has payment plans to help you out.  Contact Us to find out more.