Return to Soccer

June 11, 2020

Good Morning MSB.

Exciting news - We have made significant developments in the past two weeks and next steps have been provided to the Soccer Clubs across the city that outline clubs to Return to Soccer.

Alberta Soccer has released their Phase 1 – Return to Train document and are working on a Phase 2 document that will be released in the next couple of weeks. This phase 1 document contains a clear set of instructions that MSB must complete and have ready to support our return to play.

Part 1 – Club Instructions
Yesterday our board members attended a training webinar being hosted by the Alberta Soccer Association. This webinar went into great detail about what clubs are required to follow in order to be able to return to TRAIN.

Please note, CMSA has NOT set any return to PLAY date or a date for “normal” scrimmage or game play.

Part 2 - Registration
Any member who IS NOT CURRENTLY registered with MSB (new members or members who have requested and received a refund for the 2020 Outdoor season) must now register in order for us to register your child with CMSA. This will give MSB Players the ability to TRAIN and PRACTICE with an MSB Coach and team.

If you did not request a refund and remained registered for the 2020 Outdoor season, you will not be required to register again. You can register by going to the MSB website.

At this time, CMSA has still not determined league fees for a shortened season; therefore, MSB will only be charging a $100 deposit that will be put towards your league fees.

As we promised to our members on May 22, 2020, any remaining money that will carry over to the indoor season will be classified as a credit towards your next season of play and we will credit the an additional $25 COVID discount that will be applied to your 2020 indoor registration.

Part 3 – CMSA Waivers
Thanks to all the MSB Members who have kept their credit with us, our club is able to respond quickly to the return to TRAIN protocols. Over the next week or two, MSB will be working with CMSA to assign our registered players into their Goalline system.

As we move players into the CMSA system, three detailed and comprehensive waivers will be emailed to the parents by CMSA via Goalline. These waivers must be completed in order for your child to train and practice with a team. Please be sure to check your junk folder just in case the CMSA Waiver links ended up there. We also, want to remind you to complete the waivers on your desktop or laptop computers. Smart Phone or other tablets may not always work.

CMSA waiver
Alberta Soccer Return to Train waiver
Return to Train Declaration of Compliance form

Part 4 – Evaluations and Team selection
At this time, NO teams have been determined. MSB will be in contact with previous coaches to help the club move quickly into team selection and evaluations as we near normal scrimmage and game play.

We are excited about these developments and we are getting really close to returning to the field. As more information is received we will be sure to send it out as developments happen.

Thank you!

Peter Porco
President | MSB United Soccer Club