Placement of players on MSB United teams is determined by gender, age, number of players in that specific age group, player report cards from previous seasons (returning players), end of season team evaluations provided by technical team, and new players joining the club.

The team formation process involves the following steps:
  1. Players register with the club for the upcoming season.
  2. Returning players are temporarily placed on their teams from the previous season
  3. New players will be temporarily placed in age appropriate training groups.
  4. Players stay in their training groups until the CMSA preseason team registration deadline. During this time, head coaches and the MSB United Academy Team will review player report cards from the previous season (for returning players), and also evaluate returning and new players in training sessions.
  5. Players are now temporarily placed on their teams for the duration of the CMSA preseason. During this time, players are constantly evaluated by their coaches and Academy Team to ensure their initial placement was accurate.
  6. Last piece of our team formation process is finalizing the rosters for the CMSA regular season. At this stage, players may be moved to a higher/lower tier based on their performance in training sessions and games during the CMSA preseason.
The player evaluations process in our club involves the following steps:

  • Start of the Season:
    Each player in our club fills out a Player Goal Setting/Player Profile form . This is meant to help the players set up clear goals for the upcoming season.

  • During the Season:
    Halfway through the season we will provide players and families with verbal player evaluations to ensure players are on the right path. Coaches will review the Player Goal Setting Form submitted by the players at the start of the season & set up more tangible goals for players to work towards. These mid-season evaluations will be conducted over the phone, via Zoom media or at one of the team training sessions.

  • End of the Season:
    One month prior to the end of the season, our head coaches will begin filling out Player Progression Cards which will be distributed to the players at the end of the season. These cards will provide players with constructive feedback and areas of improvement.

    Additionally, the MSB United Academy team will fill out the End of Season Team Evaluation for each team in our club. These team evaluations will be extremely valuable in terms of player and team placement for the season ahead.