Outdoor Season Update

May 11, 2020

Good Afternoon MSB Members,

We hope that this email finds everyone safe and healthy. Your patience has been greatly appreciated as we navigate through this exceedingly difficult situation. As Board members and parents of players within the club, we recognize and empathize with the aggravations and frustrations of our members about not knowing when we will return to organized soccer.

At this time, CMSA and ASA have not made the final decision to cancel the outdoor season, but instead opted to POSTPONE the season INDEFINITELY. Due to this postponement, CMSA has understandably not been able to provide any details on the adjusted fee structure or schedule if or when the outdoor season will resume. CMSA indicated that we will see a significant lower fee structure if a modified season starts (maybe in August), however, we are not certain what that means and how it will impact you and your family situation.

Taking the lead from CMSA, the MSB Board has decided to CANCEL the in-house Grass Roots outdoor soccer season (see details below) and maintain the Indefinite Postponement of the CMSA city wide program until such time as a safe environment is available to our children to partake with the outdoor season. We would like to inform you of some decisions that have been made regarding your fees and your options.

At this time, the City of Calgary is withholding access all field permits until August 31. Therefore the Grassroots program (U4-U6) is Cancelled effective immediately. A full refund will be provided within 2 weeks, without any penalties or cancellation fees. No request is required as this will be done automatically.

CMSA Program Refund and in-house credit:
With the uncertainty of the current situation, MSB Board Members have been in constant communication in the effort of finding the right answers for our members. And while it may be premature to cancel the entire outdoor season, we understand the potential financial pressures of our members within this downturned economy. MSB is in a stable financial position and would like to pass this benefit on to all our members.

Effective next week, MSB will be happy to provide a full refund to members without the penalty of the Administration Fee normally associated with a refund request. In these unprecedented times, MSB has no intentions to wrongfully impact our members financially or with their health. Members who require a full refund can request it using the email below, at any time up until the announcement of an “outdoor season” from CMSA. If the outdoor season is officially cancelled by CMSA, all members will be able to receive a full refund without penalty.

**Please ensure all refund requests are emailed directly to:
In-house Credit:
MSB wants to recognize and pass on the benefit of keeping our club agile and ready to play. In the event we are able to safely get back to play and prepare for a season, those who keep the registration funds with the club will allow MSB to minimize many of the challenges involved with re-registration, rostering teams, and communication struggles with players and coaches.

If an outdoor season does proceed, the original registration fee will be applied to the amended registration fee determined by CMSA. Example – Original registration fee is $150. New registration fee is $50, a $100 dollar credit can be provided. As noted above, MSB does expect a significant decrease in fees for any outdoor season that could be played. Any credit that remains, can be refunded back to the member OR can be applied to the 2020 indoor season.

If the member decides to apply the remaining credit to the 2020 INDOOR season, a $25 dollar COVID BONUS will be applied to your indoor fees, in addition to any other fees offered at that time. Example, MSB normal early bird discount is $25 dollars plus the COVID BONUS $25 dollars will result in a $50 discount to the player for this upcoming indoor season. * If you are content to keep the registration funds with the club for a possible modified outdoor season or extended into the indoor season, please DO NOT email us at this time. We will accept your non-response as your intentions to maintain the funds with the club.

Kidsport & Jumpstart
Any portion of registration fees paid for by Kidsport or Jumpstart programs will be held as credit only.

On behalf of the board, I would like to thank everyone for their support and tolerance. We hope that you all find time to reflect on the important things in life, and create positive experiences with your loved ones. These times are hard, but they will pass. Stay strong!

Peter Porco
President | MSB United Soccer Club