Toolkit access will remain until the end of the 2021 Outdoor Season. All 2021/2022 Indoor Coaches will be given new login access to the coach toolkit on the North Calgary FC website.

Welcome to North Calgary FC!
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In the Team Officials Information page, you will find a lot of important team-related information including: who to contact, CMSA admin info, volunteer positions and important game information (about referees, linesman, conduct, game sheets, training, jerseys, fundraising). This guide should answer many preliminary questions when you first start coaching or managing a team with MSB.

As a coach or manager of MSB, it is important to have an Emergeny Action Plan thought out for your team for each game and practice.  If an emergency occurs, you will need to be able to access important information and having it easily accessible will be very helpful.

This is a checklist of what you should have at each game or practice to ensure you are prepared in the case of an emergency. (Especially for older age groups as parents may not necessarily be there)

  • Make sure you always have access to a cell phone

  • Make sure you have Coach or Manager Access to Teamsnap with team contact information and emergency contacts for players or print one off to be kept with the coach

  • Directions and address of the game or practice site to provide to emergency responders if necessary (referees will also have this info on game sheets)

  • Bring a First Aid Kit (along with a list of player information and any up to date medical information for each)
If you need a combo for an outdoor field box, please email or text me at 403-461-9275.

I will require your Name and the team you are with for confirmation.


Our style of play is derived from a living and breathing document called the MSB United Game Model.
The MSB United Game Model is a set of principles that guide the behaviour of our players and teams.

Our approach is to be proactive in all moments of the game. We compete each week with the goal of being successful by playing positive soccer.

We encourage our players to be brave and creative while performing soccer specific actions (passing, dribbling, creating space, etc.) on/off the ball during the attacking phase. Starting from the back, through the midfield, and in front of the opposition goal. Even the youngest teams in the Acquire Phase (U9-U12) will be encouraged to exploit space and receive the ball in areas of the field that are traditionally considered ‘dangerous’ by many coaches, parents and even team mates. Why? Because players learn by doing and only by allowing them to solve high pressure situations they will become more confident.

When we lose the ball, we ask our players to apply immediate pressure to win it back. We aim to press high in the opponents half to force a mistake to regain the ball. When we win the ball back our first objective is to attempt to play the ball forward to counter attack with numbers to create chances and score goals.

Soccer for Life

Training drills and activities for U15-U19

Coaches, for U9 and up, please fill out your player evaluations prior to Sept 1, 2021 for the 2021 Outdoor Season.