Annual General Meeting

Hello MSB Members,

The MSB Board of Directors would like to announce that MSB United's first Annual General Meeting will take place at the end of May.

Since becoming an association in March 2018, many changes have taken place in how MSB runs and operates.

Come join us on May 30, 2019 between 6:00 and 9:30pm at the Huntington Hills Community Centre (curling rink lounge) to learn about the year's achievements, review our club reports and find out what changes are upcoming in 2019.

Prior to March 2018, there were no real binding bylaws governing how the club was to be run. Part of achieving our association status required the creation of Club Bylaws that would serve to govern how the club would work. Creating these bylaws was no small feat and was a task that our Past President, Greg Gerritsen, took on.

After a year of running the club as an association, Greg and the rest of the Board decided to do an in-depth bylaw review which was completed in April. In result, we have put forth some recommended changes to the bylaws which will further clarify the wording and in some cases, change how our voting process works to better suit our organization moving forward. These changes can be reviewed here.

We will present these changes as motions to vote upon at the AGM. Each motion will need a show of hands in order to officially change in our club bylaws. Once each motion has been voted on, the Board will then submit them to the (Alberta Association... no idea what they are called) to be approved and made official in the months to come.

During the bylaw review, there was some clarification on how the current voting process must run. It will differ slightly from the events that happened at the SGM in March.

According to our current bylaws:
We will post for nominees again on the MSB website up until 3 days prior to the AGM. These nominations will be for a Director position on the Board. A nominee must be an individual who is in good standing with the club and who agrees to be nominated. Once nominations close, the list of nominees will be presented to the Board for consideration. Nominations may also be accepted on the floor at the AGM prior to the vote.
6.2 A nomination list of consenting people, prepared by a nominating committee shall be presented to the members for consideration to fill the positions of the Board of Directors.

6.3 Additional nominees if present and duly nominated and seconded can be nominated from the floor and added to the list of candidates if agreed to by the nominee.

6.4 All nominees will be allowed to vote on the election of the directors.
There will be seven (7) director positions open to vote upon this AGM. The positions of President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Administration, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar are all up for renewal. At the last Board meeting, the directors voted to create a new Board position of the Director of Coaching that will also be available.

If there are more than 7 nominees put forth for consideration, then there will be a vote. If only 7 come forward then they will win their seats by acclamation.
6.5 If the list of nominees is less than or equal to the maximum number of directors to be elected, the list of nominees will be declared elected by acclamation.

6.6 If the list of nominees is greater than the number of directors to be elected, each voter shall select from the list of nominees a list of names equal to the number of directors to be elected, and write these names on a ballot.

6.7 The ballots shall be tabulated by a committee of non-voting member(s) named by the President of the Club.

6.8 The nominee receiving the largest number of votes shall be the first director elected, the nominee receiving the next largest number of votes shall be the second director elected, and so on until all positions have been filled.

6.9 Each director at the time of his election shall be deemed to be a member of the Club for the next current term. The augmented board member terms will be in effect with alternating annual elections.
Once the AGM has been completed and the votes have been tabulated, the directors will be announced to the membership.

Within thirty (30) days of the AGM, the new board (consisting of these 6 Directors plus the Past President) will then meet to elect the Club Officers from these Directors.
6.10 Immediately following the Annual Meeting to elect directors, the new Board of Directors shall set a date following not exceeding thirty (30) days for a meeting of directors to elect officers.

This will differ from the last election at the March SGM in that you will not be voting for a Board member position (ie. John Doe for President). You will be voting for a Director and then the Board will decide via vote who gets which position (ie. the President).

To clarify what constitutes being an MSB member (current bylaws):

Playing Family Member

3.1.2 A playing family member is a family having one or more individuals playing for a soccer team of the Club.

3.1.3 A playing family member, if in good standing, shall be entitled to one (1) vote at all meetings of the Club. The vote may be used only by one member of the family that is over 18 years of age. Voting by Proxy is not permitted.
This means that if you have one or more children playing with MSB, and you have paid all of your current fees (or are on a fee payment schedule with us), you get one (1) vote per family.

Associate Member
3.1.4 An associate member is a coach or manager of any soccer team of the Club, as well as any person demonstrating an interest in the Club who is asked by the Board of Directors to join and who accepts membership in the Club, will not be required to pay membership dues but will comply with all other requirements of a member.

3.1.5 An associate member, if in good standing, shall be entitled to one (1) vote at all meetings of the Club.
This means that if are a coach or a manger with MSB or a volunteer appointed by the Board in any other capacity, you get one (1) vote.
3.2.1 A member shall be in good standing by ensuring they are not in arrears with annual dues requirements or registration fees. The Board of Directors shall set the annual dues payable by a family member and an associate member. The Board of Directors at its discretion may grant relief from dues requirements.

3.3.8 A member may have only one vote.

This means that you can only have one vote as either a playing family member -or- an associate member.

We are aware that Thursdays are game nights and we have decided to keep the voting open until 9:30pm to accomodate those who might not be able to attend earlier in the evening. The meeting portion of the AGM will be first, which includes the vote on the bylaw changes, followed by the vote for the Board of Directors.

We sincerely hope you are able to take the time to come out to our AGM and vote for the new Board of Directors.
-MSB Board of Directors