AGM Voting Results

AGM voting results

On May 30th, 2019 MSB United held their inaugural AGM. The membership voted on 7 new board positions and some changes to our club bylaws.

The changes to our bylaws were all passed and can be viewed here. These changes will be in effect once they have been updated with the registry and will be posted on the website at that time.

Approximately 11% of our membership came out to vote for the Board of Directors. Here are the results of the vote. (Directors are ordered in the number of votes received. Director 2 and 3 were tied and so therefore put in alphabetical order.)

Director #1 - Peter Porco
Director #2 - Dale Hindmarsh
Director #3 - Yvonne Keck
Director #4 - John Aiello
Director #5 - Tony Giella
Director #6 - Patrick Lam
Director #7 - Marco Iervella

Congratulations to all of the new directors! We are very excited to see what changes will come in 2019!

Within the next month, the board will meet to vote upon the new director positions. Once the positions have been decided we will announce MSB's new Board.

Thank you to all who came out last night.