June 17, 2020
We have now entered Phase Two of Alberta Soccer's Return to Train plan.

Important changes to the Return to Train Guidelines:
  • Players born after 2011 may now participate
  • Parents may attend sessions but stay out of the playing field (Social distancing must still be adhered to)
  • Group gatherings have been increased to 100 people
  • Scrimmages and keeper training is allowed

It's very exciting that with the Alberta Relaunch Strategy, we've been given the go-ahead to start soccer training again.

All players, parents, guardians and coaches received an email today outlining the requirements that must be met to get us all back on the pitch. We will be able to return to train within the next week!

Our coaches, evaluations team and board members have spent time this week placing players onto teams based on previous seasons' performance. Teams will be announced in the next few days and players will receive more information from their team officials soon.

The situation with COVID-19 is ever-changing and Soccer Canada wants us all to start off slowly, so there may be a few different ways of doing things for this first phase of our soccer relaunch.

Please take some time to read through the player guidelines to return to train.
Alberta Soccer Return to Train Waiver2-5 minutes to complete
Declaration of Compliance Waiver2-5 minutes to complete

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